Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does everyone need supplements?

Does everyone need supplements?
 “If people eat wild, fresh, organic, local, non-genetically modified food grown in virgin material and nutrient rich soils that has not been transported across vast distances and stored for months before being eaten...and work and live outside, breathe only fresh unpolluted air, drink only pure clean water, sleep nine hours a night, move their bodies every day, and are free from chronic stressors and exposure to environmental toxins, than perhaps they might not need supplements.”  ~Mark Hyman, MD
 It has grown increasing difficult to receive the nutrients necessary for our bodies to thrive through the means in which we have done so historically. Dr. Hyman has encapsulated this difficulty in this quote.
When it comes to obtaining the micronutrients your body needs, your best possible source is food, especially fruits and vegetables. But circumstances may prevent you from eating optimally every day. Supplements can provide insurance against dietary gaps. Also, researchers are finding that some important vitamins (Vitamin D is a great example) and minerals are protective against disease in amounts that may be difficult to obtain through diet alone, no matter how well you eat.
More than forty vitamins or minerals  are utilized in the body as a complex chain to preserve health and prevent illness. They must all be present in the body in optimal amounts for proper function. If one link in that chain is missing or deficient, benefit from the entire process can be reduced. It is therefore important to insure optimum intake of balanced nutrients.
Proper nutrient intake is vital to optimized health and longevity. You can obtain the right balance of nutrients by understanding your own nutritional needs. The Physicians of The Center for Optimal Health can help guide you through particular nutritional challenges or help to create a simple plan for optimized health. Let us know how we can help you reach your health goals.

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