Friday, March 18, 2011

Eating While You Eat

How can we learn to "eat while we eat"?  Try this. Sit at your dining table with your plate in front of you.  Admire how your food looks - the textures and the colors.  Lean forward and sniff.  What do you smell? Peppers? Onions? Basil?  Now taste the food . Move the food around your mouth tasting carefully. Chew slowly and enjoy how the flavors change as you chew. Only after you have chewed and enjoyed every flavor do you swallow. Great! You are eating while you eat!     Christine Blakeney, D.O.


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  2. Dr. Blakeney thank you for this post. My work and home schedules have both been out of control. I have not been eating while I eat for several weeks - at almost any meal. I intend to do so starting today, and did during breakfast today!