Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How do you “Fit”?

This morning driving to work listening to my favorite radio talk show I learned that May is “Commit to Get Fit” month. To be very honest this may have induced a small subconscious groan on my part. There was a very fit, you can tell by her level ten perkiness, personal trainer on the show talking about how you can stop and do squats for one minute while walking down the street. Okay, not sure I have the self confidence to pull that off. But before this turns into a story of woe I got to thinking….

Fit can take on a lot of different meanings. There are many ways in our life that we can sometimes feel unfit not just physically, but mentally. The inability to appreciate simple gestures, not focusing on all of the little ways that love finds us, and missing the feeling of gratitude for the things that makes us smile. If we were to focus on happiness each day during the month of May, we could in fact start our own personal mini revolution. A revolution that would add positive energy to everything we could do in a day.

So as I embark on this early spring morning on the first day of May I am committing to be fit. Fit in mind, body, and spirit. I will smile more, I will notice the budding trees and the sun stretching our days a little longer, and I will fall in love with my husband all over again for emptying the dishwasher. This joy and lightness of spirit will help me feel like adding 5 more minutes to my walk, preparing daily baggies of supplements to make sure I am nourishing my body, and savoring my brightly colored salad just a little bit more. It all starts somewhere. I am going to dust off the gratitude journal. Won’t you join me?

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