Thursday, February 23, 2012

For Our Furry Friends

Our pets add so much to our lives. It is wonderful to walk in the door to a friendly face always happy to see you. I have a ten year old golden retriever, Cosmo who is just that sort of friend. He has been my faithful walking buddy for years. Unfortunately, in November he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was given a very short window of time for survival. Hang in there…it’s not all bad.

As soon as I learned of his prognosis I started looking alternative treatments. He is taking Prednisone so I knew his body was going to need support in order to avoid the side effects of long term use. What I found was incredible. One of our supplement companies, Thorne Research, has extended their product line to include a full line of veterinary products.

Right away I started him on a comprehensive immune formula, EGCg (green tea extract) and vegetables to which he responded to very well. Eventually he also needed gastrointestinal support for which we found a great product including probiotic. The veterinary support department at Thorne also recommended curcumin so he is taking the veterinary version of the Meriva.

At Cosmo’s last appointment the Veterinarian was at a loss for words. We have passed the date of expected survival and he has yet to show signs of decline. He is active and vibrant. This does not mean that we have made anything resolve or disappear. He still has cancer and it is still terminal. What we have done however, is preserved his quality of life as he battles this disease.

It is encouraging and makes me rethink how I have been feeding my pets and about how important nutritional support is for them as well. Thorne has products that are for basic nutritional support such as multivitamins and omega 3. They also have products that address more specific concerns such as digestion, anxiety, and mobility. Please let us know if you have questions. I would be happy to provide information about their products for you to share with your Veterinarian and can order any items that you would like to try.

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