Thursday, January 5, 2012

Depression: A Call to Action

In his wonderful book , UNSTUCK, Dr James Gordon discusses depression as a "call to action". Most of us carry on our daily lives fairly automatically.  When depression occurs this no longer works.  We must ask ourselves important questions about how we live and what we choose. Depression can therefore be seen as an opportunity.

The changes in brain structure and function with depression are reversible.  Our adult brains have a characteristic "neuroplasticity" - potential for development and growth. Brain growth and development is stimulated by many simple, non-drug skills.  We are all aware that by simply thinking differently we can lower stress hormones.  Dr. Gordon lists exercise, guided imagery, meditation, self expression through words, drawings, and movement, yoga, nutrition and supplements, acupuncture and herbal therapies, spiritual practice. 

At The Center for Optimal Health we are fascinated by the mind-body connection.  We offer  the therapies listed by Dr. Gordon and also have hypnotherapy, neurofeedback, NET, massage and Reiki, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Seeing depression as a "call to action"  liberates us from a drug- centered diagnosis and opens us to new and interesting experiences.  Christine Blakeney DO

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