Monday, April 4, 2011

Why are you worthy of getting healthy this year?

Why are you worthy of getting healthy this year? I read this question on the website in an article about the 10 healthiest things you can do this year. Right away this struck a cord with me.

This question is interesting to me because of the word worthy. I talk to people every day that are trying to make the decision of what direction they are choosing for their healthcare needs. Someone said to me yesterday when we were talking about his tremendous result after finishing detoxification program “Isn’t it funny that we hesitate to spend money on something that will make strides in improving our health, but yet when our car needs a new part in order to operate efficiently we don’t give it a second thought.” I think this same question applies to something else that happened recently when I was talking to someone about taking the time to plan ahead for meals each week. She said “With all of the activities (sports) that I have with my family, it makes it too hard to prepare food during the week.” However, when we don’t take the time to feed our bodies properly they begin to dysfunction and do we truly have the energy to perform at our best?

Are we truly not worthy of getting healthy this year? I cannot imagine the answer to this question being yes for anyone. Therefore, we have to really explore the reason why we do not make our health top on our list of priorities. We are told when embark a plane that in case of emergency we are to place the oxygen mask over our face before assisting another. Isn’t putting our health on the back burner for the sake of other responsibilities ignoring the sage advice behind this most basic instruction? We are all worthy of, as Oprah says “Living our Best Life”. Take a minute today to consider three reasons why you are truly worthy of getting healthy this year.

Shannon Westgate
Program Director

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